Arizona Cardinals: 3 reasons why fans must rally behind Kyler Murray in 2023

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray won’t play for at least four weeks, but when he returns, fans must root for, and not against him.
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Kyler Murray
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2 - Murray’s success lets the Cards improve other positions in the draft

If the Arizona Cardinals land two picks in the top five, they would benefit much more if Murray ended up showing he’s the right quarterback to run Drew Petzing’s system. This lets them find perhaps another dynamic option for the 26-year-old in the passing game, and they can also land a marquee player on defense. 

If Murray struggles again in 2023 and the Cards part ways with or trade him, now they are almost certainly struggling in 2024 with a rookie quarterback who may or may not be the answer. Not to mention, someone like Caleb Williams would also need to build chemistry with guys like Marquise Brown (if re-signed), Michael Wilson, Trey McBride, and others. Murray has enough time to build that chemistry this season, and that will carry over into 2024.

We can all agree that there are enough glaring holes on the Cardinals roster, so rooting against Murray just adds another gap at the game’s most important position. Such a mentality makes zero sense unless you’re interested in watching the team potentially toil through another long campaign next year.