Arizona Cardinals: Who has the most receptions in a single game?

Arizona Cardinals vs Buffalo Bills - October 31, 2004
Arizona Cardinals vs Buffalo Bills - October 31, 2004 / Gene Lower/GettyImages

With such a long history, the Arizona Cardinals have had a plethora of dynamic pass catchers. But only one holds the record for most catches in one game.

As you know, the Arizona Cardinals have only been in the desert since 1988. So when we break down who holds the record for most single-game receptions, the question is whether we’re talking about the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, or the franchise as a whole. 

Let’s start with who holds the honor since the Redbirds landed in Arizona 35 years ago. That record belongs to three players: Marquise Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, and Anquan Boldin. 

Brown tied the record on September 25th, 2022 vs. the Los Angeles Rams, hauling in 14 receptions for 140 yards. Hopkins accomplished the feat on September 13th, 2020 against the San Francisco 49ers for 151 yards. And finally, Boldin had his day on September 23rd, 2007, gaining 181 yards and two touchdowns. 

Three-way tie for most single-game receptions in Arizona Cardinals history

Now that you know who holds the record as far as the Arizona Cardinals go, let’s reveal who holds the franchise record. That belongs to none other than Sonny Randle of the St. Louis Cardinals, who logged 16 catches for 256 yards and a touchdown on November 4th, 1962. This was also the game when Randle set the single-game record for single-game receiving yards. 

While the passing game wasn’t anywhere near as efficient as it is in today’s game, two members of the old Chicago Cardinals are tied with 10 single-game receptions apiece: Gern Nagler and Don Stonesifer. 

Nagler recorded 10 catches for 124 yards and a touchdown on November 1st, 1953 against the New York Giants. Stonesifer enjoyed his 10 reception game just over a month earlier, on September 27th, 1952. 

So there you have it, the players with the highest number of single-game receptions not only in Arizona Cardinals, but also in franchise history. With the NFL being a prominent passing league, the question now stands, can anyone break the record?


(Statistics provided by Stat-Muse)