Arizona Cardinals: Rookie deal extension candidates and what they might get

The 2021 draft class for the Arizona Cardinals will be looking for a new contract, whether it is with the Cardinals or elsewhere.
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2.) Rondale Moore, wide receiver

In Moore’s defense, being in the shadow of the presence of DeAndre Hopkins from 2021-2022 and then not having Kyler Murray available in the first half of the 2023 season put him at a disadvantage. In three seasons in the Cardinals’ passing game, Moore has gone down in production each year in receiving yards (with 435 being his most in a season) as well as receptions (54 being the most in his rookie season). Not to mention, he is averaging one touchdown a season. Not impressive numbers at all, despite the circumstances.

In the running game, Moore has been utilized as a weapon and came off a career high 178 rushing yards as well as getting into the endzone. One of the reasons why Moore may even remain on the roster in Arizona is because of the contract situation. As he heads into his contract year, Arizona is only paying him $1.6 million and they will need to see a huge jump in production for him to receive a contract extension. While it could happen, expect the 2024 season to be Moore’s last year with the Cardinals.