Arizona Cardinals: Rookie deal extension candidates and what they might get

The 2021 draft class for the Arizona Cardinals will be looking for a new contract, whether it is with the Cardinals or elsewhere.

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3.) Victor Dimukeje, linebacker

Aside from Collins’ situation, Dimukeje showed some flashes last season as he was involved more with the defense. Starting in 6 games, Dimukeje managed to be apart of 32 tackles and record 4 sacks. He started off on a high note in the first month of football in 2023, but then slowly declined as the season progressed. The Cardinals overall lacked true talent on defense but Dimukeje may have just shown Gannon and the coaching staff what he can bring when given the opportunity.

With Gannon looking to build up this Arizona defense, having a young guy like Dimukeje who is trying to make it in the NFL as a former 6th round draft pick, could help build a culture for the future. Defensive minded head coaches should be able to develop younger guys and this might just be an under-the-radar player for Gannon’s defense for the future. The more realistic way that Dimukeje is with Arizona beyond 2024 is if he signs a one or two year deal to keep proving that he can be a future starter for the Cardinals.