Every Arizona Cardinals fan needs this stunning Starter Jacket

Cardinals Starter Jackets are back and here to stay.
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While the Arizona Cardinals may play their home games in the hot desert and their divisional games in warmer climates, they also make several trips north. In 2023 alone, the Cards are heading to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Philadelphia -- four historically cold weather regions. 

If you’re a fan who loves to travel and see your Cardinals play in opposing stadiums, it’s just one of many reasons you need this amazing Starter Jacket, brought to you by Homage. Maybe you aren’t the traveling type and you follow the Cardinals from afar in the Northeast like I do. Even then, this Starter Jacket is sure to help you battle the elements during the coldest months of the year.

These Cardinals Starter Jackets will set you apart from the rest

If you were an NFL fan during the 1990s, you may remember when these Starter Jackets were getting popular. In fact, you may even have an old jacket featuring an previous version of the Cardinals logo and have been in need of an upgrade for quite some time. 

Homage / Homage

Well, Homage is giving you that chance, as these jackets will, at the absolute least, make an incredible addition to your collection. Regardless of whether you’re a traveling fan, someone who follows the Cardinals from cold weather climate, or if you’re a collector, this Homage Starter Jacket is a can’t-miss product. 

It is sure to bring out some old 1990s nostalgia -- a time when your Arizona Cardinals once shocked the NFL universe with an upset Wildcard Playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys. So why not pay homage to the 1990s with this Homage Starter Sacket? Check out the visual at the top of this article to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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