Icy in the Desert: The Arizona Cardinals must wear their icy whites at home

The Arizona Cardinals haven’t regularly worn white at home in nearly two decades, but those icy whites deserve top priority.
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

Back when the Arizona Cardinals played their games at old Sun Devil Stadium (yes, I’m still calling it that), they wore white at home for at least the first half of the year in most seasons. The mentality was simple: To force opponents to suffer in the desert heat during those late summer and early fall months.

And in the case of the Dallas Cowboys, they just wanted to invoke the “jinx” on those blue jerseys by forcing them into those navy blues. But following Sunday’s preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings, uniform monitors everywhere have been raving about the Cardinals icy white looks. 

So while the Cardinals uniform schedule is most likely already out this season and, therefore, cannot be changed, this article is really pertaining to 2024 and beyond. But what are some benefits to wearing white at home next to their outstanding aesthetics?

Although we live in the digital age, it’s still good to see variety when watching games. And if the Cards don the icy look at State Farm Stadium, then we will see that variety at every home game since opponents will be wearing their dark jerseys. 

Arizona Cardinals should wear the icy whites in most circumstances

If we saw them bust out the cardinal red look in every game (or the black alternates), then things would get boring really fast. This is why, despite my long list of issues I have with the Cowboys, that I love the ‘white at home’ mentality. 

The uniform is also by far the best looking thread in their set, and it epitomizes the modern-classic design. The Cards all-black alternates are good for a one-off (though they can wear them for up to three games a year), but it’s a set I can see falling to the wayside in five years in favor of a throwback. 

The current home uniform is an all-red look, which would look far better with the white pants. Early takes on the look weren’t great, and that’s being generous, but nonetheless, it’s an upgrade over the previous thread by a mile. 

This isn’t to say the Cards shouldn’t wear red at home - but they should save the look for meaningful games, like vs. two of their NFC West rivals (preferably the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams). When the Cards play old rivals, like those from the NFC East or even the Chicago Bears, they need to get vintage, and the icy look brings out that throwback to the old NFC East and Chicago days.