3 Zach Ertz trades to fuel the Caleb Williams tank

The Cardinals may as well embrace the tank
Arizona Cardinals, Zach Ertz
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3. The Cardinals could send Zach Ertz to a surprising NFC East team

Staying in the NFC East, we now look at the surprisingly 2-0 Washington Commanders, who came back to beat this Cardinals team in Week 1. The Commanders then went on to beat the Denver Broncos 35-33 in an exciting matchup that came down to the wire.

The Commanders have had a solid veteran in Logan Thomas, for a few years now, but the problem with Thomas has always been whether he can stay healthy. Just last week, Thomas exited into concussion protocol.

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Young quarterback Sam Howell has shown some things early on this season. He can sling it. But, having a steady veteran at tight end would greatly benefit his development and confidence. Ertz has always been a guy who can get open and simply catches the football.

If Washington believes they can contend for a playoff spot this year, adding Ertz wouldn't be a bad move at all. Plus, he wouldn't cost much. Even a pair of sixth rounders might be too much, but we'll have to see if the Cardinals move him at all, what he'd cost in the end.