At No. 162, Arizona Cardinals acquire OT Christian Jones

Texas Spring Football Game
Texas Spring Football Game / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals had already selected an offensive lineman in Isaiah Adams from Illinois in the third round of the draft. However, Monti Ossenfort has decided to address the offensive tackle spot by drafting Christian Jones out of Texas. Ossenfort brings in another protector for Kyler Murray, and Jones is an impressive pick up. According to Pro Football Focus, since 2021, Jones is ranked as the 4th best tackle in terms of allowing pressure. Long story short, plugging Jones into this offensive line at some point should keep Murray from having to feel pressure coming from Jones’ side.

Late in the fifth round, this is a solid pickup for the Cardinals and they might have just found a future starter upfront once Jonah Williams’ contract is up in two years. Jones also helped run block for Jonathon Brooks (taken by the Carolina Panthers in the draft) who is one of the best backs in this draft. So not only do the Cardinals get a great pass protector, but they also bring in run support to help get the Cardinals’ running game to the second and even third level.

At 6’6”, Jones’ size will be a great addition for the future and if he can impress during training camp, don’t rule out a chance of him getting some playing time this season. With Williams only on a two-year deal, Jones has the opportunity to capitalize on a potential starting job at some point on his rookie deal.

So after Arizona went with back-to-back defensive picks, Ossenfort addressed the offensive line once again which should make Murray happy. Not to mention, an offensive lineman who has fantastic pass blocking talent. The Cardinals are doing a great job at balancing their draft with players on both sides of the ball, and they still have some work to do heading into the 6th and 7th round.