4 potential backup quarterbacks the Arizona Cardinals can sign in the 2024 offseason

The Arizona Cardinals could roll with Clayton Tune as the backup next season, or they could look for a more proven name to fill the role.
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Tyler Huntley
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3 - Tyler Huntley, Baltimore

Across most of his four seasons as a member of the Baltimore Ravens, Tyler Huntley’s mobility has been on full display. He has also proven himself to be a capable passer even if he, like most slated to be career backups, isn’t anywhere near the best in the league. 

However, Huntley has a career completion percentage of 65.5 percent, and he also completed 67 percent of his 112 passing attempts last season. Like Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, Huntley is good at using his mobility to extend plays, and if the Cards improve the left side of their offensive line in the 2024 offseason, a quarterback like Huntley could have ample time to throw the ball. 

While Huntley unfortunately hasn’t proven himself to be anything more than a spot starter despite earning a Pro Bowl appearance last year, he will at least give the Cards more stability as the backup than Clayton Tune.