4 potential backup quarterbacks the Arizona Cardinals can sign in the 2024 offseason

The Arizona Cardinals could roll with Clayton Tune as the backup next season, or they could look for a more proven name to fill the role.
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Joshua Dobbs, Adam Butler
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4 - Joshua Dobbs, Minnesota

While Joshua Dobbs has shown two teams (one being the Cardinals) this season that he’s not a good fit to be a long-term starter, it doesn’t mean the journeyman isn’t a capable backup. And sure, the Cards may have traded Dobbs to the Minnesota Vikings earlier this year, but it also doesn’t rule out the possibility that he will return. 

Dobbs has shown he can manage the game when starting between one and three contests, so he’s become a proven spot starter. He also knows the Cardinals system well and as we saw in a few games this season, he ran it efficiently. 

Like the other names on this list, Dobbs’ mobility also makes him a good fit, something else we saw plenty of times when he was in the desert for eight games. Therefore, if he’s still on the market and if the aforementioned names aren’t available, he may just make his way back to Glendale. 


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