5 best backup quarterbacks in Arizona Cardinals history

The Arizona Cardinals have seen more than a few stellar performances from their backup quarterbacks since 1988. Who ranks #1 on this list?
Arizaon Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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The Arizona Cardinals have had more than a few decent backups in their first 35 seasons since moving to the desert. While some of the backups listed below were nothing more than full-time role players who played well enough to help the Redbirds win when called upon, others impressed their respective coaching staffs enough to earn a starting job. 

Below, you will meet five of those backups, and why their decent, and at times stellar play, landed them on this list. A few quarterbacks you will find below are familiar names, but there are probably a couple who you’ve never heard of, especially if you’re a younger fan. 

So who’s taking the top spot as the best backup quarterback in Arizona Cardinals history since they landed in the desert? Keep reading, but the answer may not be so surprising.