Best quarterbacks Cardinals will face in 2024, and how to beat them

How will the Cardinals fare against these quarterbacks in 2024?
Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

We might not know when the Arizona Cardinals are playing which opponent in 2024 but we do know who they'll be playing this upcoming season. The Cardinals will face the AFC East, NFC North, and then the last-place teams from the AFC West, NFC East, and NFC South. They'll also play their division rivals two times each.

When looking at the Cardinals' opponents for 2024, it's easy to notice how tough the quarterback competition will be for Arizona this year. The Cardinals will certainly have their work cut out for them. Who are the toughest on the schedule and how can Arizona get the better of those signal-callers?

Josh Allen

Because the Cardinals play the entire AFC East this season, that means they'll have a date with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen at some point. Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he can do a little bit of everything really well, which is what makes him scary.

The biggest weakness that Allen has, however, is that he has a tendency to turn the ball over at a high volume. Whether it's a high-stress situation or a low-stress situation, Allen throws bad interceptions or fumbles the ball regularly.

In 2023, Allen threw a career-high 18 interceptions and fumbled the football seven times. If the Cardinals continue to make Allen a turnover-machine and capitalize off of those turnovers, they have a shot against Allen and the Bills.

Aaron Rodgers

The Cardinals will also face the New York Jets from the AFC East this season and that means they could very well go up against Aaron Rodgers. The long-time Packers quarterback was traded to New York in the 2023 offseason but played just four snaps for the Jets before sustaining a season-ending injury.

The consensus is that Rodgers will be healthy enough to play this season so this is who Cardinals fans should expect to see when Arizona and New York square off. Since we haven't seen Rodgers play much over the past year, it might be hard to home in on a weakness but it's not a hard answer. Rodgers' weakness is that his offensive line can't protect him very well. That's what led to his injury last season and the Jets will have yet another inexperienced line in 2024.

If the Cardinals' new pass-rushing weapons can give the Jets offensive line hell, there's a good chance they can slow Rodgers down when these two teams play.

Jared Goff

Since the Cardinals play the NFC North, they'll have to play the Detroit Lions in 2024. That means they'll be going up against a familiar face in Jared Goff, who spent the first five years of his career with the Los Angeles Rams. Goff has had a ton of success against the Cardinals, going 8-1 against them in his career. The one loss came in 2017 when Goff was still finding his footing in the league.

What will the Cardinals need to do to slow Goff down when these two meet up? Well, before the 2023 season, former Rams and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner talked about Goff's weakness and noted that it was his inconsistent accuracy and decision-making. If the Cardinals can get Goff off of his game early and put the pressure on him, hopefully that's enough for them to limit him.