3 bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals offense in 2023

The Arizona Cardinals will kick off the 2023 season this Sunday against the Washington Commanders, so it’s time to make some last-second bold predictions.
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With the Arizona Cardinals regular season so close, the time has come for a few more bold predictions. Yesterday, I made 10 quick-hit projections, and they were a variety between realistic and bold. But I didn’t get so bold when it came to entire units, mainly sticking with players who could be major contributors this season. 

Below, you will find three projections that talk about the Cardinals offense as an entire unit, and how they can fare for their upcoming 2023 campaign. We’re talking about where the Redbirds O can ultimately end up in total offense rankings, how far their running game can take them, and one special position group capable of exceeding wild expectations. So what can the Cards have in store for us this season? 

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Bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals offense in 2023

1 - Cardinals offense finishes in the Top 20 overall

The Arizona Cardinals offense could struggle in 2023 with Josh Dobbs and Clayton Tune getting early-season reps. Dobbs has pedestrian arm strength and has just two games of experience as a starter in this league (eight games total). Tune is a rookie who must adapt to facing complicated blitz packages that accompany full-time starting units. 

However, the Cardinals have built this team to run the ball, and an effective running game will open up the pass. This will allow Dobbs or Tune to at least show a few flashes, and there will be times when they overachieve and at least keep things interesting until Kyler Murray returns. 

With Murray ultimately lining up under center, the projected 25th-ranked Redbirds offense shows even more life. They will stick to the same run-first blueprint, but Murray’s sheer talent will make this group more effective, allowing them to sneak into the Top 20. If this occurs, then it should give the Red Sea enough faith that Murray can be the guy moving forward.