3 bold predictions for Arizona Cardinals Week 3 matchup vs. the Cowboys

The Arizona Cardinals are looking for their first win of the 2023 season, so perhaps they can shock the NFL universe this week and upset the Dallas Cowboys.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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The Arizona Cardinals have an opportunity to shock the NFL universe if they can land a win against what might be the most complete team in football, the Dallas Cowboys. You have a battle of two teams at completely different rungs, with the Cards somewhere near the bottom and the Cowboys fighting to stay at the top. 

If the Cards end up pulling off the upset, and it is possible, they will send shockwaves throughout the league. But even if they end up losing, which is what just about all of us are thinking, it doesn’t mean a few players won’t put up elite performances. Below, there are three Cards who will look good regardless of the final outcome on the scoreboard. Let’s meet them and discuss how they will do more than their fair share this weekend. 

Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner
Sep 17, 2023; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals running back James Conner (6) runs against / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals Week 3 matchup

1 - James Conner hits the century mark in rushing yards

A downhill power back averaging 4.5 yards per carry vs. the league’s best defense in quite a few statistical categories? This makes for a pristine matchup, but regarding the heart that James Conner has always possessed, hitting the century mark in rushing yards against this defense isn’t the most farfetched projection out there. 

Look for Conner to turn nothing into something on each of his 25 carries (projection), and when he sees a lane, expect between four and five yards per run at the absolute least. This isn’t to say Conner will completely deplete the Cowboys defense, but it is saying he will more than make his presence known this Sunday. 

Conner’s success running the ball will also open things up for Joshua Dobbs and the passing game, giving the Redbirds offense more life than many will anticipate in this outing. This isn’t to say the Cards have a chance, but it is saying that Conner’s hard running will at least keep things interesting for a while.