3 bold predictions for Week 8: Arizona Cardinals rushing defense stifles Lamar

At 1-6, the Arizona Cardinals are facing a tough Baltimore Ravens team, meaning they need to take on a “nothing to lose” mentality.
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Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

3 - Cardinals limit Lamar Jackson to just 35 rushing yards

Lamar Jackson is in that stage of his career when he’s shifting some from his usual dual threat nature to more of a pure passer. Since he has taken over as the full-time starter in 2019, Jackson is averaging a career-low in rushing yards per game at 51.9 and he’s also averaging just 5.3 yards per attempt, also a career-low since 2019. 

But that doesn’t mean Jackson can’t do damage with his legs, as he’s still on pace for at least 880 rushing yards. However, the Arizona Cardinals defense, even if it’s still relatively banged up, will hold Jackson to 35 or fewer, something that has happened just once this season. 

Jackson has also fumbled the ball an eye-popping eight times so far, putting him on pace for 19 this season. So let’s get even bolder and say the Cards force him to fumble twice in one game, something that has happened on three different occasions. 


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)