Top 4 burning questions for the Arizona Cardinals heading into Week 1

In just seven days the Arizona Cardinals will kick off their 2023 season against the Washington Commanders. Here are four burning questions.
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3 - Will the Cardinals implement a brand of throwback football?

We saw flashes of the Arizona Cardinals system during the preseason. But given how mum Jonathan Gannon and Company have been, chances are we haven’t seen this system to its fullest extent. 

By throwback football, we’re looking at a system that relies predominantly on the run, with a tight end and an H-back helping pave the way for bruising running backs trying to pick up yardage between the tackles. This is the system you should see more of come Week 1, especially with a pair of unknowns in Josh Dobbs and Clayton Tune running the offense. 

As for the run-to-pass ratio, expect it to sit somewhere around 55% run and 45% pass. If the Cards can maintain that and continue to pick up solid yardage on the ground, then they could control the clock (and the game). By winning the time of possession battle starting in Week 1, it could set a tone for the games ahead.