Cardinals 2024 NFL Draft "What If" Series: Marvin Harrison Jr. is available at No. 4

Should the Arizona Cardinals make the no-brainer move?

Michigan State v Ohio State
Michigan State v Ohio State / Ben Jackson/GettyImages

In this new "What If" series surrounding the Arizona Cardinals, we will bring up the potential scenarios for the Cardinals' draft board as we get closer to draft day. There are so many avenues the Cardinals can take on the first night of the NFL draft. With already having a franchise quarterback in Kyler Murray that has been made well-known, the Cardinals will have to decide what to do with the #4 pick depending on what the Bears, Commanders, and Patriots do in the top three picks.

With the mock drafts that have already come out and what will be posted throughout the next month, it will be interesting to see what predictions will be made and what/if there are trades that occur.

With the 4th overall pick, the Cardinals have a great chance at selecting argubaly the best talent in this draft in wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State. There are only two possible scenarios where the Cardinals would not have the option to select Harrison. The first option is if the Bears trade the first overall pick to the Commanders, and the Bears use the number two overall pick to select Harrison. The second scenario that is more likely to happen is the New England Patriots selecting Harrison with the 3rd overall pick.

What if Harrison falls to the 4th pick?

Most NFL fans would agree that if Monti Ossenfort can give Murray a premier number one wideout in Harrison, that would be the best choice to help elevate the passing game. However, there is also an option where the Cardinals could take LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers, grab an offensive tackle in Joe Alt or Olumuyiwa Fashanu, or even trade down to aquire extra draft picks and build around the defense.

While trading down to acquire extra draft picks or getting an offensive tackle to protect Murray sounds like a safe choice, the Cardinals need to go big and call the pick in immediately if Harrison is available at the 4th pick.