Cardinals 7-Round 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona does the obvious, plus 1 wild trade

Arizona Cardinals, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Arizona Cardinals, Marvin Harrison Jr. / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Ladd McConkey. Ladd McConkey. player. . 527. . WR. 1. Ladd McConkey.

Thanks to that Texans trade, the Cardinals still get to pick once more in the first round, giving them a whopping three first-round picks. Arizona could go one of several directions, here. But, the opportunity to pair one of the best route runners and separators with Harrison is too good to pass up.

The Cardinals pair Georgia wide receiver Ladd McConkey alongside Harrison, giving Kyler Murray a dream rookie duo. McConkey might be the most impressive route runner in this class, being able to get open and find creases with the best of them. The ability to do this at every level, though, is what makes McConkey special.

He's able to keep defensive backs guessing without giving away his next move, keeping his body in control from head to toe. This makes him almost impossible to cover in man. McConkey's footwork is absolutely beautiful. It's like watching an artist at work.

Because Georgia's offense fed so many mouths, and particularly highlighted Brock Bowers, you might not be overly blown away by McConkey's numbers. But, turn on the tape, and you'll be convinced in a hurry.