Cardinals asking for king's ransom in exchange for No. 4 pick

It'll cost ya!
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages

With the fourth overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals will select.... That's a sentence that we don't have an ending to yet. Not only that but the Cardinals might not even be selecting someone with the fourth overall pick, as some quarterback-needy teams could be desperate enough to move into the fourth spot.

The Cardinals would benefit from not moving off the fourth pick because staying put could most likely land them Marvin Harrison Jr., the star wide receiver out of Ohio State. With the three teams ahead of Arizona all needing quarterbacks, Harrison should be available at fourth overall when the Cardinals are on the clock.

That being said, Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort has reportedly named his price if a team wants to swap spots with them in the 2024 NFL Draft. That price is three first-round picks, which is in line with what the Panthers and 49ers had to surrender when they moved up to land Bryce Young and Trey Lance respectively.

Cardinals' asking price is steep for teams who want to move up in draft

Why should the Cardinals ask for anything less than three first-round picks? They have a chance to land an elite talent with the fourth overall pick, a player who can help elevate Kyler Murray's game and take the Cardinals offense to the next level. Giving that up needs to be worth it to Arizona and three first-round picks over the next three years could be worth it.

Now, teams like the Vikings, Broncos, and anyone else who might be interested in moving up have to ask themselves if it's worth giving up three first-rounders to land someone like J.J. McCarthy. If they think they can still have a shot to draft him wherever they're picking or can wait to see how the first five to eight picks play out and then make a move, then that's the better play for these teams.

Good for the Cardinals for holding strong here.