Cardinals schedule 2024: When is Arizona's bye week?

Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals schedule is out for the 2024 season and a few things that fans typically look for when the schedules are revealed are the primetime games and the bye week. Primetime games are fun because it puts your team in a standalone game and the bye week is important because it gives fans a week off from watching their team.

When can Cardinals fans enjoy their week off from watching their favorite team?

When is the Cardinals bye week?

The Cardinals' bye week comes in Week 11 this year, which is a good spot for a week off. At that point, Arizona will have played 10 games so they'll be taking a break in the middle of the season and then can come back all rested up and recharged for the final seven games.

Cardinals fans are optimistic about this season thanks to the offseason moves the team made and adding the best wide receiver in the draft to their offense. Hopefully this team is still in the playoff hunt when their bye week rolls around and there will be excitement surrounding the Cardinals when they start play back up again in Week 12.