3 competitive advantages the Arizona Cardinals have over the Cowboys in Week 3

The Arizona Cardinals, despite their bleak outlook, have a few competitive advantages over the Cowboys heading into their Week 3 matchup.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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Joshua Dobbs
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2 - Joshua Dobbs (Seriously)

Ironically enough, having Joshua Dobbs under center this week could be a huge advantage for an Arizona Cardinals team whose Week 3 opponent made life tough for the likes of Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson. 

But before we discuss why Dobbs is somehow an advantage here, let’s review just how good the Cowboys defense is. Through two weeks, they have allowed just a 34.2 quarterback rating. In other words, had Jones and Wilson just spiked the ball on each dropback, they would have ended up with a higher passer rating against this defense, so it shows you how stingy Dallas really is. 

Also through two weeks, they are by far first in the league in passing yards allowed per game, sitting at just 107.0. And finally, Dallas has an 8.8% interception percentage going into Sunday. So you may look at these stats and think, “How is Joshua Dobbs a competitive advantage here?”

Simple: Dallas faced a pair of weaker quarterbacks and made them look like they had no business playing in the NFL. Now they’re facing a much more mediocre talent in Dobbs, and that makes them susceptible to overlooking the former fourth round pick. 

Dobbs showed us last week that he can be an effective quarterback. But he’s also primarily struggled in his limited number of starts. Remember that “trap game" I discussed yesterday? Complacency on Dallas’ end thanks to talents, or lack thereof, like Dobbs, was one reason behind it.