Top 5 defensive tackles the Arizona Cardinals could consider in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Bryan Bresee
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5 - Bryan Bresee, Clemson

Chances are, someone is going to reach for Bryan Bresee. But given his lackluster statistics, there is always the chance that he freefalls. Overall, I wouldn’t take him until at least the third round at the earliest, as he has just 51 tackles, 15.0 tackles for loss, and 9.0 sacks in 25 career college games. 

The upside, however, is obvious. At 6’5, 300 pounds, his size bolsters him up a few more slots. He also played at Clemson, so Bresee has sound experience facing NFL-caliber opponents. 

Again, unless he freefalls, there is no way I’m taking a guy who logged just 15 total tackles in 10 games, including just nine solo. To his credit, roughly one-third of those tackles went for a loss. But his lack of productivity is more than alarming. 

Expect the Arizona Cardinals to take a defensive tackle at some point in the NFL Draft. Maybe they will go with one of the players listed here, or perhaps they will surprise us. We will find out in less than one month. 

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