Former Arizona Cardinals tight end's fascinating quest for a new home

Dive into the saga of Zach Ertz's search for a new NFL team, unpacking his career decisions and potential team fits for the former Arizona Cardinals tight end.

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Zach Ertz
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Zach Ertz's search for a new home could include an NFC West rival

Even though there haven’t been any whispers about a pairing between the Los Angeles Rams and Ertz, it would make sense for the Rams to want to reach out as they try to make a run; if they can make it into the playoffs. They’re going to need a few things to go their way to get into the postseason thanks to a shaky start, but the team is getting hot at just the right time.

They’re a team that could make some noise in the playoffs if they end up in the mix. They’d have an even better chance to do so if they were getting more production from the tight end spot.

Oddly enough, the teams showing the most interest in getting Zach Ertz on their roster, are ones with some of the best tight ends in the game already there. The Chiefs, 49ers, Eagles, and Bills are teams that reportedly expressed interest in the former Cardinals tight end.

The Chiefs and 49ers each have what are widely thought of as the top two tight ends in football; and Dallas Goedert, tight end for the Eagles, is extremely effective as a pass catcher. When 49ers GM John Lynch was asked about Ertz on his weekly radio spot, he said, “When you have the opportunity, [when] a guy like Ertz is out there, you always take a look.”

He then went on to say that he and the team, “haven’t done anything yet.” Adding, “We’ll see where that goes. We’ll continue to monitor him as we do many other people that are out there.” Clearly not complacent with his immensely talented roster.