Former Arizona Cardinals tight end's fascinating quest for a new home

Dive into the saga of Zach Ertz's search for a new NFL team, unpacking his career decisions and potential team fits for the former Arizona Cardinals tight end.
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Zach Ertz
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Could the Bills add Zach Ertz to help them fuel a playoff run?

The Bills have a young and developing tight end in Dalton Kincaid that the team used the 25th pick in the 2023 draft on. So while adding a veteran and a leader would be beneficial to a team with as much drama as the Bills this year, they could potentially face the same issue as the Cardinals: not wanting him to take snaps away from their young draft pick.

As the playoffs approach, the question of where Zach Ertz will land continues to loom. With several teams in the mix, each with their own unique appeal and set of challenges, Ertz's decision will ultimately come down to finding the right balance between a team's potential for a championship run and his role within it.

The mystique surrounding his choice is not just about where he goes, but also about what it means for the end stages of his storied career. In a league where the right player can turn a contender into a champion, Ertz's next move is one to watch closely.