Four things to know about Arizona Cardinals' 2024 schedule

The NFL schedule will be relased sometime this month...
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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4.) Cardinals could play in some freezing weather

When you think of Arizona, cold weather does not come to mind, obviously. However, depending on how the NFL schedule is released, the Cardinals could find themselves playing in some harsh weather against two opponents on the road. Arizona is set to visit Jordan Love and Green Bay Packers, as well as Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. Warm weather teams tend to not do so great outdoors once the temperature gets cold…just ask the Miami Dolphins. The Cardinals are also set to take on the Minnesota Vikings at Minnesota, but the Vikings have a dome so the elements won’t be an issue for the Cardinals.

Not only do the Cardinals have to potentially play in colder weather, but it is against two teams that are in playoff contention and have shown that they can take over a game if they get going. Cardinals fans have to hope that when Arizona is going up against Green Bay and Buffalo, that it is within the first month or two of the season.