Four things to know about Arizona Cardinals' 2024 schedule

The NFL schedule will be relased sometime this month...
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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1.) Cardinals will face five new head coaches

Jonathan Gannon was a rookie head coach last year but will now enter the 2024 season with clarity and experience under his belt. He will be standing across the field from five new head coaches this season. First, the biggest one is the Seattle Seahawks within the NFC West where Seattle  has transitioned from Pete Carroll to Mike MacDonald. MacDonald comes from the Baltimore Ravens and had one of the best defenses in 2023. 

Then Gannon will be going up against Dan Quinn of the Washington Commanders, Dave Canales with the Carolina Panthers, Jim Harbaugh with the Los Angeles Chargers, and then Jerod Mayo of the New England Patriots. All of these teams made changes for a reason and we won’t know what they will do with their new squads until it is gametime. Either way, Gannon has an advantage, yet also has a disadvantage just because we don’t know how these five head coaches will perform until the start of the season.