Free agent moves from NFC West teams that should worry Cardinals fans

Cardinals fans will need to prepare for a tough reality against the rest of the NFC West with these moves.
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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3.) Los Angeles Rams boost offensive line - sign Jonah Jackson and re-signed Kevin Dotson

The Rams were one of the shocking teams from last season, finishing 10-7 and making the playoffs. It was just a couple years ago where LA took a huge risk by going all in for Matthew Stafford, which would eventually end with the Rams raising the Lombardi Trophy as Super Champions after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022. Since then, they have dealt with multiple injuries across the board, but have been effective with drafting and developing their young guys. 

One area that they excelled in last season was their offensive line, who for the most part was together a majority of the season. One of the key components on the line was guard Kevin Dotson, who signed a 3-year extension with the Rams. Dotson helped set the tone upfront and elevated the Rams’ offense by protecting Matt Stafford and helped lead the way for Kyren Williams in the backfield. In addition, the Rams also signed guard Jonah Jackson from the Detroit Lions. With this move, the Rams just improved the interior part of their offensive line which should make Kyren Williams happy going into next season.

The Cardinals, who have signed two defensive tackles in Bilal Nichols and Justin Jones, have a tough task to set the tone at the line of scrimmage with Jackson and Dotson. If the Rams are able to run the ball on the inside and keep Kyler Murray off the field, it will be a nightmare setup for Arizona.