Future Flight Plan: Still-too-early look at top Arizona Cardinals draft prospects

Dive into the Arizona Cardinals' draft possibilities: Which positions will they target? Explore expert mock drafts and a closer look at the top prospects.
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Kaytron Allen, Olumuyiwa Fashanu
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Sports Illustrated: Olumuyiwa Fashanu - OT - Penn State

In a perfect world, the Cardinals wouldn't be using a top-ten pick on an offensive tackle after spending a first-rounder on one in Paris Johnson just last year. Yet, injuries and a lack of production from the group as a whole have put them in a position where they have to address it; whether that be in free agency or the draft.

The Cardinals are more than just a wide receiver away from fixing this season's issues. There's a solid case to be made that fixing the offensive line is more important, and Luke Easterling of Sports Illustrated seems to agree. In their latest mock draft, they have the Cardinals taking tackle Olumuyiwa Fashanu from Penn State with the fourth overall pick. (Marvin Harrison Jr. went first to the Bears and wasn't available.)

Listed at 6'6", 317 lbs., Fashanu certainly has the NFL size, and puts it to good use, too. He's extremely consistent in his pass sets, always ending up in the right position to protect the quarterback. Although his feet aren't the fastest, he makes up for it with his sheer size and length.

Like any player, his game isn't perfect. Fashanu can get caught by a speedy blitzer, particularly one coming late. If he gets back into his pass set, his lack of quickness can show as he struggles to get in front of them. Lucky for him, that's something that can be developed with some NFL coaching and a full training camp. He'll also have to work on his leverage a little bit. He's so overpowering at the college level that he can just outmuscle a bull rush. Even so, he often finds himself at a leverage disadvantage and defensive ends at the professional level will be sure to exploit that.

Gearing up for 2024

As the season finale plays out this Sunday and the draft buzz grows louder, the Arizona Cardinals stand at a pivotal juncture. With the unforgettable upset over the Eagles and the promising talent of Kyler Murray, the Cardinals have the momentum and the means to reshape this team. Whether seizing the raw talent of Marvin Harrison Jr., the explosive potential of Malik Nabers, or solidifying the line with Olumuyiwa Fashanu, the choices made this offseason will shape the future of the franchise.