The good, the bad, the ugly in Arizona Cardinals vs. Giants Week 2

Despite the historic loss, the Arizona Cardinals did some good things in their Week 2 loss vs. the New York Giants. But they also suffered through lean moments.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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It’s not every day that the home team, regardless of how bad they may look on paper, lets a three possession lead slip away in one half. Last season, the Arizona Cardinals earned their first win of the season in such a fashion against the Las Vegas Raiders. This year, the exact opposite occurred, as the Redbirds managed to allow 31 points in a single half to lose to what we thought was a demoralized New York Giants team. 

However, when you score 28 points, you still did something right. So it’s not like this game was all doom and gloom despite the outcome. But when you blow a 21-point lead, it also shows you that something isn’t right, and we will cover two things that went wrong in the Cardinals loss to “Big Blue.”

So what went right and what went wrong yesterday afternoon? Keep reading and you will catch a full breakdown of what the Cardinals must improve to snag their first win of 2023. 

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Arizona Cardinals saw a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good - the Cardinals can actually score

The one good thing that came out of the Cardinals Week 2 loss to the Giants is that they can score without former number one overall pick Kyler Murray playing quarterback. After failing to find the endzone in Week 1, the Cards compiled three offensive touchdowns. And while they weren’t consistent offensively thanks to an awful second half, this is something that they can build on heading into next week’s showdown vs. the Dallas Cowboys. 

Regardless of what happens between now and Murray’s inevitable return, if the Cards can keep scoring 20-plus points per game then it begs the question: What will they do when Murray is back under center? If the 26-year-old returns better than ever, then this will be a fun team to watch at some point in 2023.