If the Cardinals do trade out in the first round, it should be at pick No. 27

The Arizona Cardinals are in the middle of a draft trade rumor involving pick No.4, but the focus should be on their second first-round pick.

2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The rumors are starting to heat up for the Arizona Cardinals when it comes to the 4th overall pick. With general manager Monti Ossenfort explaining that he would take phone calls about the Cardinals' first, first-round pick, NFL fans will keep an eye on what they decide to do from now until the draft. Should the first three picks go with three consecutive quarterbacks like most people expect, the Cardinals (if they still have the pick) will truly start the draft.

The Minnesota Vikings have been the team that could attempt to make a trade with the Cardinals after they traded back up into the first round. It is clear that the Vikings are looking to move up to get a franchise quarterback after losing Kirk Cousins in free agency to the Atlanta Falcons.

Even though the Cardinals are in the middle of the draft trade rumors surrounding the 4th pick, the only way Ossenfort should consider trading out is if wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. is not on the board. Arizona needs to acquire talent on the outside of the offense and this is the perfect opportunity to do so by getting Harrison if he is available. Pairing him with Kyler Murray is the best thing this franchise can do, considering what they have done in free agency up to this point.

However, the Cardinals also have a second first-round pick at No. 27 which they acquired in last year's draft from the Houston Texans. The Cardinals are one of three teams who have a second first-round pick, along with the Vikings and Chicago Bears. If Ossenfort receives an offer to trade out of this pick that would include getting draft capital for next year, that would be the better move for the Cardinals, rather than potentially trading away Harrison.

There is a reason as to why Arizona has the #4 pick...so unless Ossenfort gets a massive offer that is impossible to reject, the Cardinals need to keep their first pick and see what happens as the first round progresses and then make a decision at the 27th overall pick.