Kyler’s decent outing and 3 major takeaways in Arizona Cardinals loss to Texans

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray suffered his first loss of the season, but even in defeat, he still enjoyed a decent outing.
Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
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Greg Dortch
Nov 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Greg Dortch (83) stiff arms / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

2 - Greg Dortch makes presence known

One undersized receiver who enjoyed a strong afternoon was Greg Dortch, who ended the game with six catches for 76 yards, and 12.7 yards on average across eight targets. Dortch has been relegated to returning kicks and punts for most of the season, something he’s done a pretty good job at, but this was the first game when he made an impact offensively. 

Given the way Dortch has reminded us he can still be an effective player on offense, he has got to get another look next week, and perhaps scale Rondale Moore back some. And again, it was great to see Moore make a big touchdown catch, but the guy has shown he’s nothing more than a splash player. Dortch was consistent today, and the Cards must give him a chance to carry his success into the next two games. 

This, in a way, reverts to Michael Wilson. If he provides those mismatches, then it could leave room for a speedster like Dortch to find some space. And if you think he was good today, a big target drawing defenders away will only help.