Is Larry Fitzgerald the greatest player in Arizona Cardinals history?

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Chat GPT could be the most exciting app of 2023, and the popular AI platform (mostly) nailed its rankings of the top five Arizona Cardinals ever.

Larry Fitzgerald was a household name for the Arizona Cardinals between his rookie season in 2004 and his final year in 2020. Over the course of 17 seasons, Fitzgerald caught 1,432 passes on 2,335 targets for 17,492 yards, 121 touchdowns, and 12.2 yards per reception, to cap off one of the greatest careers in NFL history.

His statistics are good enough to rival that of Jerry Rice, who many believe is the best receiver the NFL has ever seen. And had Fitzgerald played for the same duration as Rice, who lasted 20 seasons, he could have broken a couple of the former San Francisco 49ers great.

And that prompted the popular app Chat GPT to rank Fitzgerald #1 on its list of top five Arizona Cardinals of all time when Fan Nation's All Cardinals asked it to rank them. While the AI app has been known to botch a few things when put to the test, few can argue that it got this one wrong, as Fitzgerald will be a surefire Hall of Famer once his name is on the ballot.

Chat GPT gets it right with Fitzgerald, other former Arizona Cardinals greats

Larry Fitzgerald wasn't the only one the popular app nailed. Fan Nation revealed it also listed Kurt Warner, Aeneas Williams, Adrian Wilson, and Roger Wehrli in its list of top five rankings. Of course, the list won't come without controversy, as you can make the argument that former greats like Larry Wilson and Dan Dierdorf also could have had a spot on the list-especially in Warner's place, as the former quarterback only spent a handful of seasons in the desert.

Overall, Chat GPT continues to impress those of us in the sports world. And its recent ranking of Larry Fitzgerald and the top five Arizona Cardinals in franchise history shows us just how far technology has come in only the last few short years.

So, do I agree with the app that Fitzgerald is the greatest Cardinal ever? At this point, I would say yes, He's one of few players in recent NFL history to play his entire career with one team, and he achieved just about everything he could ask for in his career, sans that elusive Lombardi Trophy.

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