Last-second bold prediction for the Arizona Cardinals Week 4 matchup vs. San Francisco

The Arizona Cardinals have a lot going against them when they square off against the San Francisco 49ers later today.
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The San Francisco 49ers have allowed a quarterback rating of just 66.6, so Joshua Dobbs will understandably have the odds stacked against him going into the Arizona Cardinals tilt with the NFC’s best team. But the Redbirds quarterback has also exceeded some wild expectations this past week vs. a Dallas Cowboys team that had been stellar against the pass. 

Dallas has allowed a quarterback rating of 58.1 this season (including Week 3), and Dobbs managed a 120.0 rating against them. And going into Week 4, San Francisco has some similar numbers to the Cowboys, including the fact they have allowed just two touchdown passes compared to snagging five interceptions. 

However, San Fran has only allowed a touchdown pass percentage of 1.5%, compared to Dallas’ 2.6%. But Dallas’ interception percentage is nearly 3% higher than San Francisco’s which sits at 3.7%. 

Arizona Cardinals quarterback surprises once more in Week 4

We talked earlier in the week about the 49ers boasting an elite pass rush, something Dallas also does well. But the main point is, Dobbs isn’t facing anything unfamiliar this week, and he’s smart enough to realize that. 

You can even argue that he faced something similar last week. And once again, Dobbs will realize that, too, meaning he will once again enjoy a stellar, yet surprising outing. He will snag a season-high in passing yards (over 228), and he will once again complete at least 67% of his passes. Toss in another touchdown pass, and it’s clear that Dobbs will once again do his part to help the Cardinals win. 

This bold prediction is not saying that the Redbirds will get the best of the Niners. But it is saying that Joshua Dobbs will continue to show that he’s worthy of being a starting quarterback in the NFL for an extended period. 


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)