3 major positives in Arizona Cardinals Week 15 loss to the 49ers

The Arizona Cardinals didn’t beat the San Francisco 49ers, but it doesn’t mean every takeaway from this Week 15 matchup has to be a negative.
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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Emari Demercado
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3 - Committees, committees, and more committees

In the postgame reaction piece, we talked about how well the Arizona Cardinals ran the ball against the league’s best run defense. You can claim that the Niners had a few injuries that may have contributed to that, but hey, the Cardinals offensive line isn’t even close to being the class of the league. 

Their incredible performance should foreshadow a committee approach for these final three games, especially against a strong team like the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 17, where ball control will be everything. Ideally, James Conner will be the leader like he was this past afternoon, and hopefully we see Emari Demercado and Michael Carter continue their respective performances. 

Overall, the game didn’t end in the Cardinals favor, nor did anyone think it would, but there were quite a few positives to walk away with as the Redbirds prepare for the final three games of 2023 and what should be an interesting offseason. 


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