Marvin Harrison Jr. is beyond excited to team up with Cardinals' latest draft pick

2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

When the Arizona Cardinals selected Marvin Harrison Jr. with the 4th overall pick, they were getting a franchise playmaker for the offense. General manager Monti Ossenfort’s latest pick seemed to make the hopeful future All-Pro receiver happy with Arizona’s second round draft choice. After trading back from the 35th pick to No. 43, the Cardinals would select Rutgers cornerback Max Melton

Melton joins a secondary that has Sean Murphy-Bunting, Jalen Thompson and Budda Baker. After the pick was made by the Cardinals, Harrison went to X and expressed excitement for the pick of Melton.

It is always a good sign when your first round draft pick is excited about who will be joining them for the season during the draft. Melton and Harrison have faced off against each other in college and now they will make each other better in practice for the start of the season. 

Harrison would then post his respect for Melton’s game. Now it really looks like Harrison is happy about this choice. Melton, who will have a defensive minded head coach as an advantage, will now have the chance to compete against the best wide receiver in this draft to prepare him for the rest of the receivers that he is going to be facing.

Despite having two touchdowns against Rutgers, Harrison would only have 4 catches for 25 yards and Melton was part of the reason why. Arizona has gone out and added some true playmakers who will now compete to make each other better for when they suit up on Sunday’s during the NFL season.

We will now wait and see if the Cardinals make any other moves in the second round or if they decide to stick to their third-round picks where they will be super busy. Don't be surprised if the Cardinals continue to boost their defense with the way the second round has gone so far.