5 most memorable Arizona Cardinals one-hit wonder seasons (1988-2022)

The Arizona Cardinals have had several one-hit wonders over their first 35 seasons in the desert. Let’s explore the top five.
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Andre Wadsworth
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5 - Andre Wadsworth, 1998

Andre Wadsworth was often regarded as the Arizona Cardinals biggest bust in recent Arizona Cardinals history until the Josh Rosen fiasco 20 years later. But many fans don’t remember how good Wadsworth was in 1998, when he recovered three fumbles, forced another, had five sacks, and 57 combined tackles. 

Wadsworth even finished third in Defensive Rookie of the Year voting, and looked poised to become one of the key assets for the Cardinals moving forward. Instead, he played in just 20 more games for the team and started 15 of them. 

Wadsworth’s stats in 1999 and 2000 were just two forced fumbles, three sacks, and 51 total tackles, though he did record an interception for 21 return yards. He would never play again following the 2000 season, prompting fans everywhere to label him as a draft bust and making them wonder what could have been had he stayed healthy following his solid 1998 campaign.


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