Mock Draft 8.0: Arizona Cardinals land a surprise pick at fourth overall

The Arizona Cardinals must fix their woes on defense, but in this scenario, they turned to free agency to address the issues, opening the door for offense.
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Jordan Morgan
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21 - Miami Dolphins: Jordan Morgan, OT/Arizona

If the Miami Dolphins want Tua Tagovailoa to be their undisputed franchise quarterback, they must find someone to consistently protect from the edges. Jordan Morgan may be a new name on this list, but he’s yet another franchise-caliber tackle who should hear his name called earlier than many think. 

22 - Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Wiggins, CB/Clemson

The Philadelphia Eagles have made one thing ultra clear, and it’s that their defense needs to be fixed. This is a team that needs to take the best player on the board on the defensive side of the ball and in this mock draft, it’s Nate Wiggins. 

23 - Houston Texans (fr. Cle): Brian Thomas Jr. WR/LSU

C.J. Stroud will be a top-five quarterback possibly as early as 2024, but we’ve also seen perennial top-five talents like Patrick Mahomes take a step back because of so-so receivers. That can’t happen with a young quarterback like Stroud, so the Houston Texans will go out and get him a playmaker. 

24 - Dallas Cowboys: Troy Fautanu: OL/Washington

The Dallas Cowboys will join the tackle slash offensive linemen frenzy as they too must address the front five. Troy Fautanu is another big name on the list who will also hear his name called in the latter parts of the first round for an offensive line-needy team.