Mock Draft 8.0: Arizona Cardinals land a surprise pick at fourth overall

The Arizona Cardinals must fix their woes on defense, but in this scenario, they turned to free agency to address the issues, opening the door for offense.

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Graham Barton
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25 - Green Bay Packers: Graham Barton, OL/Duke

Jordan Love has shown us this season that he was the perfect successor to Aaron Rodgers, just as Rodgers was to Brett Favre. However, the Packers would rather see Love make a run on Brett Favre’s consecutive games streak, something Rodgers never did, and that means they will invest heavily in the offensive line. 

26 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Cooper DeJean, CB/Iowa

If Mike Evans ends up going elsewhere, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may decide to take a receiver here. But if and when he sticks around Florida, they will instead go with the best player at a position of need, and that’s cornerback Cooper DeJean. 

27 - Arizona Cardinals: Kingsley Suamataia, OT/BYU

Finally, the Arizona Cardinals get another pick, and that pick is none other than Kingsley Suamataia, who will join Paris Johnson Jr. as the second tackle the organization has selected in as many seasons. Look for him to man either side and look to improve what was an issue for the Cards this past season. 

28 - Kansas City Chiefs: Adonai Mitchell, WR/Texas

Everybody knows where the Kansas City Chiefs are going in the draft after ultra-poor play at the receiver position this season. Whoever the top player is on their draft board is where they will go, and in this case, it’s Adonai Mitchell.