New Justin Jefferson contract should be great news for Marvin Harrison Jr. in future

The market is going to get more expensive each year...
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The NFL has become a money driven league in which we see players holding out from offseason activities and even regular season games. The most recent player to hold out that got paid big time was Minnesota Vikings’ star wide receiver Justin Jefferson. After months of waiting, the Vikings and Jefferson agreed to a four-year, $140 million deal that includes $110 million guaranteed. With this deal, Jefferson is set to make $35 million annually and is now the highest paid non-QB in the league. 

With the way the market is, if a player is not a quarterback, it is difficult to get paid as one of the best in the league. Sometimes it takes longer than expected and the contract becomes even more expensive. We have seen players have career years after showing promise before then so the price goes up more than what it could have been. We have also seen players get paid early like Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, and Ezekiel Elliott and then drop down in production. 

Outside of quarterback, the wide receiver position has become a big position of need. The league is a pass-first system where it is tough to win if a team does not have a great wide receiver. Marvin Harrison Jr. of the Arizona Cardinals should be the next biggest wideout not only because of who his father is, but because of the talent he brings from Ohio State. 

Jefferson’s extension is great news for Harrison Jr. in the future.

Jefferson has solidified himself as one of the top two receivers in the game along with Tyreek Hill and is worth every dollar he received from this extension. Harrison Jr. has the talent to become one of the best receivers in football as early as this upcoming season. With Kyler Murray throwing him the ball and no other big time receiver taking targets away from him, Harrison Jr. has the ceiling to establish himself as a young star.

Last month, the Cardinals were able to sign Harrison Jr. to his standard rookie contract that includes $35.3 million fully guaranteed with a signing bonus of $22.5 million and the standard fifth-year option. If Harrison Jr. is able to live up to his expected hype in the next two-three years, there is no doubt that he will be getting big time money where the starting point could be $35 million a year before the number continues to increase.