3 NFL franchises that have risen from historical dormancy the Arizona Cardinals can emulate

When the Arizona Cardinals hired a new regime of Monti Ossenfort and Jonathan Gannon, they immediately started making necessary cultural changes.
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Why it Matters

What was the common denominator in all three examples listed above? Stability, and it was something we never quite saw under former general manager Steve Keim, despite his longevity. There were three coaching changes, and those changes brought in different styles and philosophies, and there was also the fact that Keim couldn’t draft consistently. 

While there are no guarantees Jonathan Gannon and Monti Ossenfort will lead the Arizona Cardinals from dormancy that has been in place since 1947 despite the occasional successful season and near Super Bowl win in 2008, they do show traits of all three organizations listed above in their attempt to turn things around in the desert.

Gannon has a specific philosophy that the team is buying into, or else they’d have been quitting games and showing much less fight. Ossenfort has clearly done well in his first draft, and the results are showing on the field with each passing week. 

Therefore, you can pinpoint several similarities between the irrelevance of the three franchises listed and the Cardinals. But you can also see the foundational moves Gannon and Ossenfort have already made, and how they can parlay them into winning seasons perhaps as early as 2024 if they continue to effectively upgrade the roster with players buying into Gannon’s ways.


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