If NFL International Series expands, Arizona Cardinals can expand fandom

The NFL announced earlier today that they may expand their International Series, leading to more opportunities for the Arizona Cardinals and other teams.
Nov 21, 2022; Mexico City, MEX; San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) scores a touchdown
Nov 21, 2022; Mexico City, MEX; San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) scores a touchdown / Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

For nearly two decades, the NFL has tried tapping into the international market, starting with regular season games in London, England before taking things to Mexico City, Mexico, and Munich and Frankfurt, Germany. And this could mean big things for an Arizona Cardinals team looking to perhaps expand its fanbase to more global markets.

Nothing is finalized, and so far Commissioner Roger Goodell has been rather bland on the details regarding expansion, as he only revealed the following as of Saturday morning that really jumped out:

""We actually have three or four markets that are here this weekend and next weekend that are interested in hosting a game," "

Roger Goodell

Source: Roger Goodell says NFL may add new international game in 2024 by the Associated Press, ESPN.com.

However, we do know that the league is looking at expanding into possibly Madrid, Spain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or São Paulo, Brazil. If the NFL can secure something in any of the aforementioned cities, the more international games will be on the slate, and the more opportunities the Cardinals will have to expand their brand. 

Arizona Cardinals should be excited for potential international expansion

As it stands, the Cardinals have marketing rights in Mexico, which works for them geographically, but hopefully they can further expand into the European or South American markets if Spain and Brazil are on the horizon. It would also be cool to see each NFL team ultimately play in countries where they have marketing rights every other year. 

Currently, each team plays nine home games every other season, but to truly balance the schedule, one home game on a team’s schedule should be in another country. This would give each team, every other year, eight games in their own stadium, eight on the road, and a ninth home game where they have marketing rights to broaden their brand. 

Perhaps it will be in just Mexico City, but if the Cards can get on board with a second country, then they will find themselves in an even better scenario. And this is the right time for the Cards to expand their product into other countries with the new era featuring general manager Monti Ossenfort and head coach Jonathan Gannon leading the way.