Nick Bosa has yet to carry out his warning to the Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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The Arizona Cardinals could, and probably should have drafted Nick Bosa over Kyler Murray in 2019, though the star lineman has yet to ‘haunt’ the Redbirds.

Before the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals, like the rest of the NFL, were going through the pre-draft process, and that meant meeting with prospects. Come draft day, you know what happened: The Cardinals went with Kyler Murray while the San Francisco 49ers drafted Nick Bosa, but not before Bosa warned former general manager Steve Keim that he would “haunt” the Redbirds if they passed on him. 

Let’s be honest and just point out that Bosa has made a living haunting the rest of the NFL, logging 43.0 sacks in just 51 career games (49 starts). And in hindsight, the Cardinals would have been better off taking Bosa over the inconsistent Murray. 

However, despite Bosa’s promise to “haunt” the Cards, it hasn’t necessarily gone as planned. So far, Bosa has only taken Murray down once, and thanks to the quarterback’s mobility, chances are, Bosa won’t likely carry out his “warning.” But that’s just the tip of a larger iceberg.

Nick Bosa has not “haunted” the Arizona Cardinals

So why won’t Bosa get the best of Murray, at least in the backfield? One reason stems from head coach Jonathan Gannon and offensive coordinator Drew Petzing. The two want to build to Murray’s strengths, and that puts the ball further into Murray’s court. 

Granted, it’s likely that Bosa will be a Niner for his career, and if Kyler Murray bounces back and plays like the top pick the Cards envisioned in 2019, he will be in the desert for quite some time, hopefully winning a few Lombardi Trophies. Anyway, what I’m getting at is, Bosa will have plenty of chances to carry out his “warning,” but Murray will also have the same number of chances to keep getting the best of Bosa. 

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