Will the offense get healthy? 3 burning questions for the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10

The Arizona Cardinals offense was going to look miserable yesterday against the Cleveland Browns, but that was an advanced level of bad.
Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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Deshaun Watson
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3 - Will the Cardinals defensive unit have a repeat performance?

As ironic as it sounds, you can seriously say the Cardinals defense ended up with a rather impressive outing. They held the Browns to just 326 yards and 4.6 yards per play, and their third-down defense stifled the Browns 64.7 percent of the time. 

Cleveland also netted just 213 passing yards, which averaged to just 6.9 yards per pass. And this was against an above average talent in Deshaun Watson, so what are the Cardinals capable of against either Desmond Ridder or Taylor Heinicke? 

While they are 12th in the league, the Falcons passing attack isn’t great, and there is a chance Heinicke can keep the job this week over the pedestrian Ridder. It serves as the ultimate opportunity for the Arizona Cardinals defense to hold strong against what could be a weak passing game. If they can, then the Cards will keep this week’s game much closer than this past Sunday’s. 


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