One big strength for every Arizona Cardinals draft pick

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DE Darius Robinson - With proper development, can be a steal in the late first round

Arizona’s second first-round pick has a great amount of potential as a pass rusher if he gets the correct development. Darius Robinson has a lot of power in his upper body but doesn’t have a technique to get past protection on a consistent basis. He can create separation from blockers in general with his size, but he will need to add an extra step to his game in terms of getting to the ball carrier quickly. The Cardinals were one of the worst teams in 2023 in terms of creating pressure and getting to the quarterback. As a first round pick, Robinson is expected to create an impact sooner than later, but development will be a big time factor on how he performs.

CB Max Melton - Versatility in the secondary

When you have a player that can play in different spots, it is valuable depending on the scheme. Max Melton has the ability to play inside and outside at the cornerback spot which is going to be huge for Nick Rallis. Arizona’s secondary was not horrible in 2023 but it never hurts to find value on the backend of the defense. In addition, Melton is a better fit for what the Cardinals run on defense as compared to Cooper DeJean (who the Cardinals could have drafted with the 35th before trading down).