One big strength for every Arizona Cardinals draft pick

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CB Elijah Jones - Versatility much like Max Melton

What is better than a cornerback that has versatility? Two cornerbacks who can play inside and outside in the secondary. Jones was drafted as the Cardinals’ last third round pick and can also possibly see some playing time this season depending on how he performs in training camp. In addition, Jones has size at the position which can help him become a ballhawk on jump balls.

S Dadrion Taylor-Demerson - Can play at the nickel spot

The Cardinals already have a talented safety duo with Budda Baker and Jalen Thompson but Dadrion Taylor-Demerson could not only be Baker’s replacement for the future, but he can play in the nickel spot of the defense in passing situations. He has above average man coverage skills and can make game-turning plays if he is at the right spot at the right time.

DE Xavier Thomas - Rotational piece to increase pressure rate

There is nothing wrong with having decent rotational players on the defensive line, especially if they can create pressure in the pocket. Clemson defensive end Xavier Thomas has the chance to make the roster as a fifth-round pick and be part of a rotation off the edge to give the starters a break throughout the game. He may not get the sacks, but Thomas is always near the ball at the end of the play.