4 overlooked Arizona Cardinals who have come up big in season’s first two weeks

The Arizona Cardinals may be 0-2, but a few unprecedented players have been coming up big in the season’s early going. Here are three surprises so far.
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The Arizona Cardinals may not have had the greatest start to their 2023 season, having lost a couple of close ones early. But those close losses also indicate that they have played much better than their critics would have cared to admit, as many believed they were one of the NFL’s most hopeless teams. 

While the Cards surely don’t look as though they will win often in 2023, it doesn’t mean they haven’t found a few gems early on this season. Below, you will cross one rookie and three other names that were supposed to be role players in 2023. However, each has so far exceeded expectations, and they could be on their way to becoming long-term fixtures on this young football team. 

So which unprecedented players have stood out early so far? Keep reading and you will meet a rookie, a seasoned vet, and a pair of young and obscure, yet intriguing talents.

Michael Wilson, Jason Pinnock
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4 Arizona Cardinals players coming up big

1 - Michael Wilson, WR

No, Michael Wilson hasn’t lit up the NFL just yet, but no receiver will with Josh Dobbs lining up under center. However, the rookie from Stanford has five catches on eight targets, plus a receiving success percentage of 71.4%.

Wilson is also averaging 15.0 yards per reception, which leads the team, and his four receiving first downs rank second on the Cards. And get this - Dobbs has a 93.2 passer rating when targeting Wilson, which is nearly four full points higher than his current 89.5 rating. 

Per PFF, Wilson is also receiving an average grade, clocking in at a solid 63.6. Look for the rookie receiver to continue developing his game as the season wears on. 

And as the numbers show us, he’s more than off to a good start. If Wilson can handle a rough, tough secondary that the Dallas Cowboys bring, then he’s on his way to enjoying a very, very good rookie season.