PFF’s Top 5 Arizona Cardinals player grades from Week 1's loss to Commanders

The Arizona Cardinals enjoyed a remarkable day defensively, so it’s no surprise that one EDGE rusher in particular topped PFF’s list.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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Geoff Swaim
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5 - Geoff Swaim: 72.7

Zach Ertz and Trey McBride had the better game statistically than Geoff Swam, but the Arizona Cardinals TE3 pulled off the best grade of the trio. Sometimes, it’s not always about statistical performance, but what’s going on when the ball isn’t headed in your direction. And it’s the latter that explains why Swaim enjoyed such a high number. 

Don’t look for Swaim to receive much glamor outside of enjoying a few good PFF grades, as Ertz and McBride are easily the centerpieces of the passing game with Josh Dobbs playing quarterback. But you also don’t want to write off Swaim if you don’t notice him on the field, as shown by his above average grade. 

So who will man the top spot next week when the Cardinals square off with the New York Giants? Well, if the Cards D can emulate what the Dallas Cowboys did to the G-Men, then expect a lot of players on the defensive side of the ball receiving the honors. 


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