Predicting the Arizona Cardinals next four matchups after their 1-7 start

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-7, and this is often the time of the season to start talking about the draft. But Kyler Murray’s return will change that in 2023.
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Week 12: vs. Los Angeles Rams

And finally, the Los Angeles Rams will make their way to State Farm Stadium to face the Cardinals in what will be a better showing than the last time these two teams met. Murray will generate more than nine points against a Rams defense that ranks 21st in the league, and this one could see both teams light up the scoreboard. 

It’s the perfect opportunity for Murray to come up big in clutch moments, and we’ll see him thrive in the new-look offense, converting those red zone chances that Dobbs couldn’t just a few short weeks ago. The Cards will hit the 30-point mark in this game, and sneak by with a narrow win thanks to us seeing a vintage Kyler Murray. 

Overall, the Redbirds will finish 2-2 and go into the final stretch of the 2023 season at 3-9. No, it won’t be a good record, and once more, 3-9 teams often have their fans looking toward April. But this may be a more optimistic 3-9, especially if the Cards can outduel the Rams.


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