Ranking the top 5 quarterbacks in Arizona Cardinals history

In a tough group to judge, who ranks the highest in Cardinals all-time quarterbacks?
Arizona Cardinals, Kurt Warner
Arizona Cardinals, Kurt Warner / Gene Lower/GettyImages
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The history of the Arizona Cardinals has yet to include a Super Bowl victory, and it seems as though fans are stuck in a continuous loop.

This franchise will find a way to become relevant, competitive and somewhat exciting at times. Yet, they have never gotten over that hump.

Has it had anything to do with quarterback play? At times, one could argue that as an emphatic "yes." But, the Cards have also had some talented guys under center over the years.

When looking at the team's history, which quarterbacks top the list of the all-time passers? You might be surprised as we count down our top five.

5. Kyler Murray

There is an argument to be made, here, as to whether or not Jake Plummer should make the list. It's tough, because Plummer did play the third-most games by a Cardinals quarterback. But, he was also the most mediocre of the top passers in Cardinals history.

Because of that, Kyler Murray jumps into the top five and could very well catch Plummer's career passing yardage as soon as next season. If it hadn't been for Murray's ACL tear, he would have a chance to catch Plummer this season.

Murray might a top-3 Cadinals quarterback ever just based on sheer talent, being as he has the dual threat to his skill set. But, his career is still too young to truly judge. He's thrown for 13,848 yards and 84 touchdowns in 57 games. Meanwhile, Plummer finished his 84 games with just 90 passing touchdowns.

Murray is lightyears ahead of Plummer, and the fans know it.