Top 5 quarterbacks the Arizona Cardinals should scout for 2024

ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina
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With a new coach and new management, anything can happen, so don’t let it surprise you if the Arizona Cardinals scout a few high-end QBs for 2024.

Let’s face it: Quarterback Kyler Murray is just about out of chances. While we can point the finger at Kliff Kingsbury’s sheer ineptitude all we want, there is a plethora of ‘what-ifs’ we can make for other former top picks and their underachievements. 

What if Tim Couch went to someone other than an expansion team? David Carr? What if Jameis Winston walked into a better situation in Tampa Bay? 

As it stands, Murray has never won anything next to Rookie of the Year honors and a pair of Pro Bowl appearances. Now, we don’t know what he will look like when he inevitably returns from a torn ACL. 

Therefore, the Cardinals need some type of contingency plan. And with two first round picks next season, chances are, they could wind up taking a quarterback. So who are the five best options to scout next season as a starting point? Keep reading for more. 

Dec 27, 2022; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Coastal Carolina Chanticleers quarterback Grayson McCall
Dec 27, 2022; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Coastal Carolina Chanticleers quarterback Grayson McCall / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals should consider the following quarterbacks

5 - Grayson McCall, Coastal Carolina

Let’s begin with a small school stud who could work his way up the boards. Grayson McCall, 6’3, 210lb, has decent size, but his experience impresses me more than anything else. Between 2019 and 2022, McCall has 35 starts, and he’s led what has become a consistent Coastal Carolina Chanticleers team. 

McCall also takes good care of the football, having thrown just eight career interceptions and 78 touchdown passes. He also has 10.2 career yards per attempt, and a 70.6% career completion percentage. He doesn’t throw the ball often, and, of course, his competition isn’t the fiercest, so he’ll have to prove he can take on NFL-caliber defenses in 2023 with a potential Senior Bowl invite. 

4 - K.J. Jefferson, Arkansas

Don’t let K.J. Jefferson’s 6’3, 245lb frame fool you. He is a dual threat quarterback, having racked up 640-plus rushing yards in each of the last two seasons and 15 total rushing touchdowns. And like McCall, Jefferson rarely turns over the rock, with 10 career interceptions, and 48 touchdown passes. He also has a 67.3% completion percentage or higher over the past two years.

Jefferson, however, has not been asked to throw much, and it’s unclear whether he’s the type of field general you need if you’re drafting a quarterback early. Murray has thus far shown he’s not that kind of quarterback either, and the Arizona Cardinals can’t make the same mistake twice.